Mass Comm Enchilada.
Teaching, research, OER—the whole enchilada.

  • Dissertation on file

    Dissertation on file

    “The Mutual Shaping of Technology in a News Establishment: Social journalism and organizational change” is the title of my dissertation. It focused on the introduction of a content management system combining news publishing with social media capabilities into a traditional newsroom. I applied the mutual shaping of technology construct. I used a basic in-depth interview…

  • Video News Package Editing

    Video News Package Editing

    This is a quick demo covering how to cut a video news package. The software is old, but the techniques are the same. I begin with the narrative line including the reporter’s track and sound bites. I then demonstrate how you might add b-roll.

  • Professional Résumé Video

    Professional Résumé Video

    This is my last professional resume tape. It’s dated, but some of the stories hold up.

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